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What is so different ab out us Florence Night and Day can help

We encourage you to read exerpts from actual letters and emails our customers have sent us.

Every letter or email we receive is just one more reason why we believe our services are so highly regarded.

If you are considering caregiving services for yourself or a loved one, please give us a call at 1-800-684-3570.

A trusted, experienced member of our team will conduct a free, no obligation, phone evaluation.
Caregiving is ultimately about sacrifice. It's about putting the needs of another person before your own needs.

There are too few folks that can do this job well, at a time when there is increasing demand.

Finding a really good caregiver can be a hit-or-miss proposition. Sometimes the misses can end up being very costly for families. Some people seek caregiving jobs in order to financially exploit vulnerable older adults.

Far too many times we have visited with families who tell us their own personal "horror stories" about unacceptable caregivers they have had in the past. We believe one significant way to avoid poor caregiving outcomes, is to set very high standards and pay employees accordingly.

At Florence Night and Day, our practice is to pay our caregivers towards the high end of the scale. This helps us attract and retain many of the very best caregivers available.

At the same time we strive to keep our prices competitive. But if our prices are competitive and we pay our caregivers better than most anyone else, what gives? Actually the question should be, who gives. And the answer is: as owners, we do! Our desire is to lead by example, so we make significant financial sacrifices every week. The evidence is in every one of our caregiver's paychecks.

In so doing, we profit in other ways that are more important to us than money.
  • We profit by knowing we have done our very best for every family we serve.
  • We profit by striving to conduct business in a way that insures our character will survive our market.
  • We profit from knowing we have set the right example for our caregivers: with a clear conscience
    we ask them to willingly make sacrifices for the families we serve,
    knowing that we, as owners, sacrifice for our employees.
And even though there may be less money for expensive marketing campaigns, word of mouth from satisfied customers is spreading. In just a few short years we have become one of the most highly regarded home care companies serving the entire state of Oklahoma. Yet this has not been entirely of our own doing.

In all this we have been blessed beyond measure by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For what drives our behavior, as imperfect as we are, is our belief in Jesus Christ as the only crucified and risen Son of God. His sacrifice is the blueprint for our lives and our business.

That's why we like to think we're different.

And that difference truly is Night and Day.
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